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Re: Broadcom

> The references to locale are due I believe to my having installed
> libc6 2.5-5 from testing to run a program. It also required a
> different tzdata.

It might have been a good idea to say that you were not running a
standard system earlier.

You can try to downgrade your libc.  But DO NOT try to remove then
reinstall it, that would (if the package manager allows it) render
your system unusable.

The downgrade command would be

  apt-get install libc6/stable tzdata/stable

However if it turns out that you have other packages from testing
installed as well, you might need to deal with them too.

After that you can try this:

  update-initramfs -u -v

and then see if your system can boot the 2.6.21 kernel.
(Be sure to save the output of the entire transcript, just in case.)


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