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Re: dpt_i2o and i2o_block on amd64 etch

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 04:26:13PM -0500, Neil Gunton wrote:
> Thanks very much, that's reassuring. I still have a tiny doubt, however, 
> since I remember CentOS x86_64 did not recognize the disks at first, but 
> then gave you an option during the install to manually select a driver, 
> which fortunately included i2o_block. Debian, as I recall, never had 
> such an option.
> So, obviously, it was possible for the kernel to have the module be 
> available, but not automatically recognized as "the" module to use.

Pretty much, but I think on sarge at least, the amd64 version did not
even have the module compiled, so there was no way to get it to work.
At least Etch appears to have it enabled so at least it is possible to
load it manually.

> Can we be fairly certain that Etch will actually recognize these disks 
> automatically, or is it possible that the driver would be in the same 
> state as the old CentOS - present, but somehow not automatic? And if 
> that happened, is there a way now for me to tell Debian to use it during 
> the boot?

Well there has always been the option of going to the console on tty2
and telling it to load the driver, and going back to the installer on
console 1 and continuing.

> Sorry if this is a dumb question, it's just I am so used to weird things 
>  that take me by surprise... don't want this road trip to be another 
> epic experience.

Well certainly expert mode install asks many more questions.  And there
is always console 2 where you can manually load a module.

I think the problem could be that most drivers are auto detected by pci
id, which may not be easy to do for the I2O stuff.  I don't actually
know how i2o devices appear on the system.  Of course there also aren't
that many people using i2o, so it may just be that no one ever bothered
to test the installer on such a system and complain about it not working
so that it could have been fixed.  After all if the installer developers
don't know it doesn't work, they can't fix it.

Len Sorensen

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