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Re: SATA drives not recognized on new install

On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 10:19:07AM +0200, michelcuppens wrote:
> I had the same problem with a MSI K9MM-V MoBo .I solved it by manually 
> partitioning it, ie by determining the sizes and names myself (not using the 
> proposed ones by the installer).
> Sata is treated as SCSI ,so the naming is sd(a...z)X

Well, not quite.  libata is treated as scsi and most sata drivers now
use libata.  Most PATA drivers are available as libata too in the recent
2.6 kernels.  Basicaly in the future all harddrives will appear as scsi
style disks.  2.4 had a number of SATA drivers that made /dev/hd*
devices, but they quickly got replaced by libata which was a much better

Len Sorensen

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