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Re: current chroot howto location?

Lubos Vrbka wrote:
Max Alekseyev wrote:
Try  the link from the Links section at the bottom of
regarding this topic - does anyone know any howto showing how to set up schroot to automatically bind mount specified directories (/home, /dev, /tmp, /proc) when entering the chroot and then automatically unmount them when the chroot is left? i want to get rid of the permanent stuff in my fstab...

this possibility is mentioned in several docs, but always with the notice 'consult the man page'. unfortunately, the schroot man page (and related stuff) doesn't seem to provide me with the necessary information :(
Try the manpage for schroot.conf instead.  Look at "run-setup-scripts" in
particular.  You can have schroot run scripts for you, and these
scripts  may have the mount commands you need to mount /proc etc.
inside the chroot.

Helge Hafting

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