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Re: gcc-4.1

Hi Rob 
   And thanks for the answer.
>  >    Has anyone noticed that gcc is older in experimental for amd64 than
>  > for other architectures. It seems to me like dependencies that go in
>  > circles. If so, does anyone have an explanation? I wanted to compile the
>  > newest version of openoffice but I need this version of gcc for that.
> The packages in experimental don't seem to build for all architectures -
> another example is gnome-applets, which has been built for i386 only.
> Sometimes it is because of failure to build on that architecture. Sometimes
> it just doesn't build.
> Look at the per-package build logs at buildd.debian.org for more
> information.
I can in fact wait a bit for the gcc  but the page you pointed out is 
interesting and I should have known. But I could not find the experimental 
build logs in there.
   I play with compiling openoffice myself because I sometimes have to wait 
months for the official amd64 debian compiler to do it (I'm not complaining, 
thanks for the job you do if you read it :) and I want to have the newest 
version to check its compatibility with MS-Word myself.


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