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Re: AMD64 show stoppers

On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 06:35:43AM +0000 Jack Malmostoso said:
> On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:50:07 +0100, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> > First on the list is the java browser pluging - the black down java
> > sort-of-works(tm) (not a Debian package)
> BS. The Sun JVM 1.5 exists in the AMD64 flavour. You just have to use
> java-package to create a deb for your distro, if you need it so badly.
> jack@nostromo:~$ apt-cache show sun-j2re1.5  
> Package: sun-j2re1.5
> [cut]
> Architecture: amd64
> Version: 1.5.0+update06
> Replaces: sun-j2re1.5debian
> [cut]
> This package has been automatically created with java-package (0.27).

This is indeed something useful which has emerged from this thread. And
java-package looks pretty easy to use.

> Etch will be a very good desktop system, since what you're listing are
> common AMD64 characteristics. It's not like Debian is excluding packages.

I agree. Etch is excellent and I have no regrets about moving over. And
I'm one of the least technical of all you folks on this list.

For the nvu seeker, this will be of help:


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