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Re: AMD64 show stoppers

On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 02:50:07 +0100, Karl Schmidt wrote:

> First on the list is the java browser pluging - the black down java
> sort-of-works(tm) (not a Debian package)

BS. The Sun JVM 1.5 exists in the AMD64 flavour. You just have to use
java-package to create a deb for your distro, if you need it so badly.

jack@nostromo:~$ apt-cache show sun-j2re1.5  
Package: sun-j2re1.5
Architecture: amd64
Version: 1.5.0+update06
Replaces: sun-j2re1.5debian
This package has been automatically created with java-package (0.27).

> Next is flash  - you can sort of workaround it by using switftfox (comes
> with bugs)(not a Debian package)

As others have said, it's a plus. I have used a ppc machine as my desktop
for years, and look at me, I am still alive.
In any case, you can use 32bit binaries if you really need them.

> But the biggest problem for me is that there isn't a AMD64 nvu package.

I'd have understood if you said Dreamweaver, but AFAIK what nvu does
(did?) is achievable with any text editor.

Etch will be a very good desktop system, since what you're listing are
common AMD64 characteristics. It's not like Debian is excluding packages.

Best Regards, Jack
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