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Re: chroot: firefox browser plugins

Jaime Ochoa Malagón schrieb
I had have a similar problem with directories in rbind inside a chroot
al the files are in the same partition?
when firefox is installed to /usr/local in chroot, yes. when it's installed in /home/<user>, no. But I have no problem linking to other files in the chroot from this home directory, even though it's on another partition...

do your use the tab key to make de link?
no, just the terminal and eg. /usr/local/firefox/plugins# ln -s <path_to_javaplugin> .

Doesn't the tab key achieve the same result?

as a las resource why do you not copy the files of the plugins to your
I tried that. The files copy OK but the getfirefox.com Firefox says it can't find them. It's strange, the Debian firefox obviously makes the necessary plugin links during the install process, but I can't do so manually...

Best whishes
and to you! :)

On 12/21/06, Les Gray <lgray@bigpond.net.au> wrote:

I just built myself a 64-bit AMD X2 desktop system and decided I'd give
a 64-bit distro a shot. On my recently ebayed last system I was using
32-bit Sarge for just over a year and loved it. I am now happily running
Etch RC1 64-bit.

Happily? Well, almost....

For the relatively few 32-bit programs I need/want to run, I opted for
the chroot method (as described in the Debian AMD64 HOWTO). I installed
Firefox by unpacking the archive from getfirefox.com into
/usr/local in my chroot (I prefer not to use Debian-packaged firefox
because I've found it to be more crash prone). The browser starts up
without a hitch.

But, for the life of me, I am unable to create any symlinks in
/usr/local/firefox/plugins to the currently installed plugins in the
chroot (acrobat and java, atm). Each time I try, it results in a
dangling symlink (and, yes, I am issuing each command from within the

I thought it might be a permissions issue (even though I didn't change
any), so I tried unpacking firefox in bind-mounted /home/<user>. No change.

I also tried 3 methods of installing Sun Java - from the Debian repo,
from sun.com, and building locally using java-package. Again, no ability
to symlink to the java plugin.

I don't get it. I can create symlinks to any other files/dirs in the
chroot, just not browser plugins?? I have read permissions on all
elements of the plugin path, and write permissions to where I want to
create the symlink. I've also tried copying the plugins to the firefox
plugins directory, but firefox still doesn't register them.

Curiously (or not?), I don't have this problem if I use the firefox
version from Debian. It's just 'getfirefox'. I don't want to use the
Debian version, though, or another browser. I may use Iceweasel from
unstable as a last resort, but I really shouldn't be having this problem
in the first place.

Any clues? It's the first time I've used chroot, so if I am overlooking
something simple, my apologies :)


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