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Re: USB hubs and storage no go on 2.6.17-2

On 12/13/06 01:49:12PM -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 13, 2006 at 12:17:32AM -0500, Jim Crilly wrote:
> > That makes no sense. Are you saying that your USB hub and storage stuff
> > wasn't working with the Debian 2.6.17 kernels unless you had the full
> > desktop environment installed? If so, I can't say I share that experience,
> > a few weeks ago I reloaded a box with etch without any X or desktop
> > packages (but now running sid) and USB storage works just fine with it.
> You're right, it doesn't make any sense, but there it is.  The exact
> same kernel package, except on i386 and with all the Gnobe dependencies
> installed, worked for the same USB disk.  But plugging the disk into my
> amd64 system did not work.  It didn't even load the usbstorage module.
> If I then loaded usbstorage by hand, the usb<->scsi-disk connection
> wasn't made at all (I'm running SATA disks, so sd_mod and friends were
> already loaded).  Furthermore, the hub on my Dell 2407WFP was completely
> non-functional -- it didn't even show up in usbview.

You did verify that the usb core modules like ohci_hcd and ehci_ecd were
loaded, right?  Did you have udev installed? If you have a static /dev it's
not really necessary but I believe it's what handles the hotplug stuff now
so if it's not there you might not get the module autloaded like you're
used to and I wouldn't doubt that the desktop stuff like hal does indeed
depend on udev.

> I built a kernel from stable-git, and bingo all was working.
> My guess as to why it works is that scsi and scsi disk support aren't
> modules in my custom kernel.  I figured with sd_mod and scsi_mod being,
> well, modules, in the Debian kernel, something like hald or some other
> obnoxious daemon I don't want was "helping" the scsi subsystem rescan
> or whatever.

Well you might need udev to handle the autloading of usb_storage when you
plug the drive in, but it should still work once you load the module
manually. The hub's a different story though, AFAIK that should be
transparent and requires no drivers to work.


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