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Re: etch RC1 installer

On 12/13/06 10:18:20PM +0000, Paul Brook wrote:
> > What about at high resolutions though? According to this[1] bug report at
> > fd.o it's still broken and won't be fixed until at least Xorg 7.3. And the
> > last time I used the nv driver it was noticably slower than the binary
> > nvidia driver even at normal 2D desktop stuff, not that it was unusable or
> > anything but the speed difference is significant.
> I'm running amd64 Debian unstable at 1600x1200 on a 128Mb GF4200ti.
> Up until a couple of months or so ago it was painfully slow. I couldn't play 
> video above about 640x480, and other things (firefox, kpdf) were noticeably 
> slower than they should be.

Interesting, when I ran into the problem it was with the i386 port so that
may make a difference. I had assumed that the AMD64 port would have the
same limitations since it's a video thing but maybe that's not true. If I
get a chance I'll try switching this machine over to the nv driver and see
if Xv output in mplayer works, although it's a completely different machine
so it won't be a very good test but I'd still be interested in knowing if
it works or not.


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