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Re: USB hubs and storage no go on 2.6.17-2

On 12/12/06 10:45:45AM -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> Howdy listers,
> I'm running etch with a custom compiled 2.6.19 and it sure seems to work
> brilliantly better that the Debian 2.6.17 kernel package when it comes
> to USB storage and USB hubs.  In other words, those didn't work at all
> on the 2.6.17-? kernel package.
> It seems that those don't work unless you choose 'desktop environment'
> in tasksel, which I don't do because I like to keep 1GB of disk space
> free of Gbloatware.

That makes no sense. Are you saying that your USB hub and storage stuff
wasn't working with the Debian 2.6.17 kernels unless you had the full
desktop environment installed? If so, I can't say I share that experience,
a few weeks ago I reloaded a box with etch without any X or desktop
packages (but now running sid) and USB storage works just fine with it.


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