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Re: problem with nxserver and debian/sarge/stable

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 01:26:21PM -0500, Freels, James D. wrote:
> I used to use tightvnc and did indeed like it.  I also had tried
> nxserver/nxclient and freenx and never could get it to work.  But, when
> nomachine came out with a free license for up to two clients per server,
> I tried it again. This time it came with .deb package files and all the
> install headaches seem to have been solved.
> The nomachine product is very nice and much better than vnc.  It is
> understandable why they have released this as a commercial product.  I
> think that the vnc packages still don't support opengl 3D images
> remotely (am I correct on that ?).  NX on the other hand, not only
> supports 3D opengl imaging, but it will work as if right at the console,
> but remote.  My remote client is over cable modem and I can manipulate
> the 3D images without pausing.  I have read where some folks are happy
> even with dial-up speeds.  It is quite an amazing technological
> breakthrough (they must have a unique algorithm of some type).

For remote opengl, you simply use remote X connections which supports
glx.  After all X was designed to work with remote connections natively.

ssh -X remotemachine and then running glxgears works just as fast as if
I was local.

> So, it no one in this forum has tried this, I can't get an answer to my
> question.  I guess I will move on...

Well I would think using a 32bit chroot to install 32bit software would
be more likely to be successful.  Forcing packages with the wrong
architecture (forcing anything at all actually) is usually a recipe for

Len Sorensen

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