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cursor problems in firefox


since I'm using the nv-video module here, my cursor shows strange 
behaviour in any form fields in firefox: If I write something into 
formulas on websites, or even into the url-line, my cursor produces a
new cursor after every single character, when I'm using my arrow-keys 
to e.g. correct something wrong I typed in. It's very annoying, and only 
happens in my browsers like firefox and galeon...

Has anyone a hint, how I can stop this? 
I'm using xserver-xorg7.1, linux-image-2.6.18 with the built-in 
nv-driver (since my machine had a lot of crashes with built-by-myself 
nvidia-driver, I'm afraid to give it a try again - but btw with 
nvidia-driver this cursor-problem was not there.)


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