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ATI driver for 64bits


I was install debian 64 a few weeks ago.
I have one turion 64 and when i use debian 32, i was install ati driver easy...

Now, in 64, i download the 64 driver from ATI (i have a xpress 200M) and it dont work.
I have a stuped error message (i saw the files and that is correct)

Detected configuration:
Architecture: x86_64 (64-bit)
X Server: Xorg 7.1.1
find: install/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri: file or directory not found
find: install/usr/bin/fireglcontrolpanel: file or directory not found

anybody has this problem and can help me?

Rúben Lício Reis

Linux user #433535
Linux because we are freedon.
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