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Jo Shields wrote:
On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 11:40 +0000, kees wrote:
Hello folks,
Although the problem I am talking about is a general debian problem/bug, I am sending my message to this list, as there seems to be no list adequate for this subject and
the machine I am working on is a amd64.
The problem is the impossibility to get a working nvidia driver with glx. In the past 10 years or so, I never had any problem with my several nvidia cards/drivers
on debian, but now it seems to be impossible to get things right.
The problem is, that when I compile a kernel with the builtin nv driver, I cannot get
glx, which I need for my work with opengl.

The kernel does not include any drivers called "nv". XFree86 and XOrg do
- and the kernel includes a framebuffer driver called nvidiafb

So I abandoned the builtin driver, but now there seems to be no debian package for nvidiakernel+glx (I am using etch but the same is true for the other releases).


I tried to install the driver etc. via the *.run file downloaded from nvidia, but this also did not work (got complaints/errors about not finding the driver module, although
the driver existed and was loaded).

Which error precisely? It's impossible to give adequate support for
inadequate questions - can you imagine a car mechanic being asked to
provide the appropriate fixes for "there's a blinky light on the thing,
next to the thing"?

Although I am no newby (I am working with linux for about 15 years),

You ran Linux the year the 0.0.1 kernel was written as a drop-in for
Minix, and about two years before Yggdrasil Linux (the first ever
distribution) had its first release? Impressive.

I could have made some stupid mistake. But I have the impression that debian is fighting a small war with nvidia with the result that the owners of nvidia hardware will suffer.

Works for me.

I hope I am mistaken in this but without a solution I am bound to abandon debian which I will regret very much after so many years working with this fine distribution. Therefore I would be very glad to recieve hints/solutions to solve this problem.

So give information which it's possible to support.

1) What's your hardware?
2) What's your kernel?
3) What's the expected behaviour?
4) What, precisely, is the actual behaviour?

Dear Jo,
Thank you for your very prompt reply!!
Not only giving the right information but also accurate reading of information
is necessary for a right understanding.
I did not mention the exact date and hour of my starting with linux, but I used the
expression ABOUT, remember? So maybe it's not so impressive after all.

Now let's come to the information you asked for:
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3800+ (dual core)
Motherboard Asus A8N-E
Videocard: Nvidia 6600
Kernel 2.6.15-8
Distro: Debian etch, updated till ABOUT july 2006
Expected behaviour:A working X-Windows (Xfree etc. etc.) system WITH GLX,
                               glxinfo should give the right answers.
Actual behaviour:X-Windows etc. was working but without GLX.
I tried to correct this in so many ways I cannot remember now, but all in vain. As I in the meantime had also problems with upgrading libc6, maybe as a result of installing the newest gcccompiler with openmp (which I needed) from a gnu tarfile and not as a debian package (the debian gcccompiler did not yet support openmp), my
system ended up unworkable for the first time in 13-15 years!!
Now I have decided to sweep away the rubbish and install a brand new debian system. But before I do so, I have to be sure that the nvidia driver will work the right way,
that is with GLX.
I hope that you understand that it is impossible for me to tell you in detail everything
I tried in putting my system right.
One important problem was, that there seems to be no nvidia-driver or -glx package in etch. I read something about using drivers from the unstable repository, do you think
that advisable? I never used anything from unstable (don't like the word).
P.S. If the debian meaning of the word unstable means what the dictionary says, I think it is a very bad policy of debian to force a lot of people to endanger their
systems by using unstable software!!!!!!!!

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