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Re: nvidia driver

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 02:50:06PM +0100, cbergmann@acm.org wrote:
> You are right, it might have been luck - but I wouldn't call it 'dumb'. 
> First of all, its no secret which files are installed by the Nvidia installer: 
> there is a detailed list with files and destinations in Appendix C of the 
> Nvidia Readme.
> Second, I have often heard the complaints over broken systems. However, I did 
> never observe any of these problems, not even after uninstalling the Nvidia 
> driver. An upgrade from Sarge to Etch also worked flawlessly (except the 
> Nvidia driver itself, which has to be compiled after the upgrade as it 
> depends on the kernel). And updates of XFree or X.Org Debian packages never 
> made any troubles.
> Of course you are right that "packages are provided for a good reason" - but 
> they are not always provided. Sarge is still featuring version 7174, and 
> sarge-backports have 8174, compared with the recent 8776 from Nvidia. And 
> Etch has no package at all, you have to use the Sid packages. Therefore, I 
> will stick with the Nvidia installer simply because in my experience it works 
> on Sarge as well as on Etch and Sid, on 32bit as well as on 64bit - and 
> because it gives me allways an up-to-date driver.

Sarge is a stable release, and hence will not get ANY updates.  That is
how it should be.  If backports needs an update, well then I guess
someone should submit one to them.

The lack of updating of non-free/contrib packages in testing does seem
to a major annoyance.  I don't understand why this isn't happening.
Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Len Sorensen

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