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Re: nvidia driver

On Fri, 2006-11-03 at 11:40 +0000, kees wrote:
> Hello folks,
> Although the problem I am talking about is a general debian problem/bug, 
> I am
> sending my message to this list, as there seems to be no list adequate 
> for this subject and
> the machine I am working on is a amd64.
> The problem is the impossibility to get a working nvidia driver with glx.
> In the past 10 years or so, I never had any problem with my several 
> nvidia cards/drivers
> on debian, but now it seems to be impossible to get things right.
> The problem is, that when I compile a kernel with the builtin nv driver, 
> I cannot get
> glx, which I need for my work with opengl.

The kernel does not include any drivers called "nv". XFree86 and XOrg do
- and the kernel includes a framebuffer driver called nvidiafb

> So I abandoned the builtin driver, but now there seems to be no debian 
> package for
> nvidiakernel+glx (I am using etch but the same is true for the other 
> releases).


> I tried to install the driver etc. via the *.run file downloaded from 
> nvidia, but this
> also did not work (got complaints/errors about not finding the driver 
> module, although
> the driver existed and was loaded).

Which error precisely? It's impossible to give adequate support for
inadequate questions - can you imagine a car mechanic being asked to
provide the appropriate fixes for "there's a blinky light on the thing,
next to the thing"?

> Although I am no newby (I am working with linux for about 15 years),

You ran Linux the year the 0.0.1 kernel was written as a drop-in for
Minix, and about two years before Yggdrasil Linux (the first ever
distribution) had its first release? Impressive.

>  I could have made some stupid mistake. But I have the impression that 
> debian is fighting
> a small war with nvidia with the result that the owners of nvidia 
> hardware will suffer.

Works for me.

> I hope I am mistaken in this but without a solution I am bound to 
> abandon debian
> which I will regret very much after so many years working with this fine 
> distribution.
> Therefore I would be very glad to recieve hints/solutions to solve this 
> problem.

So give information which it's possible to support.

1) What's your hardware?
2) What's your kernel?
3) What's the expected behaviour?
4) What, precisely, is the actual behaviour?

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