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Re: Google Earth woes

On Mon, 2006-10-09 at 09:56 -0500, Seb wrote:
> On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 18:02:34 +0530,
> alephnull@airtelbroadband.in (Alok G. Singh) wrote:
> [...]
> > There is a beta 9625 driver out which fixes the problem on my
> > 6200TC. The debs are in experimental. You'll also need nvidia-glx.
> Thanks, yes, I had an interesting off-list exchange with somebody that
> pointed this out to me as well.  However, I'm now unsure about how to
> uninstall my non-Debian Nvidia driver that I got directly from Nvidia.
> I couldn't find any directions on how to do this on their documentation.
> Can somebody please provide some pointers on how to do this?  In fact, the
> only reason I didn't go with the Debian package to start with is because I
> wasn't sure which package to install (there are several nvidia-* packages
> and it's not clear which one is needed for any particular system).  So any
> help on making this choice is appreciated.

The nvidia-installer indiscriminately overwrites key files in /usr,
leading to major system death in the event of upgraded X-related

The Debian packages come in three parts that you need care about.
nvidia-glx contains the driver for your current architecture. In order
to function, it requires a kernel module, provided by
nvidia-kernel-NVIDIAVERSION. This package doesn't actually exist - you
create one, by compiling against your specific kernel, using
"module-assistant" and "nvidia-kernel-source". More specifically, "m-a
prepare && m-a a-i nvidia" will download everything required to compile
an nvidia kernel module, create the .deb, and install it (or will use
your local nvidia-kernel-source package if it's newer than your mirror).

With your nvidia-kernel-NVIDIAVERSION installed, you can install
nvidia-glx. You may also wish to add nvidia-glx-ia32 (32-bit driver, for
use with 32-bit apps) and nvidia-settings (control panel thing to
control card settings) to the mix.


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