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MSI K9N Diamond main board?

I tried to search the archives to see if this has been answered but
got 404 errors.  Reported it to debian-www.

I'm going to be buying a new main board and have a short list
all based on the nVidia nForce 590 SLI chipset.  At this point,
I'm wanting some feedback on the longevety and reliability of the
different brands.  I tend to get/make a new computer about every decade.
Now seems a good time with the AM2 socket with DDR memory and PCIe-16x
becoming solid, should remain useful for a long time.

I'll be going with the Athlon AM2 (model depends on price when I get

Internet reveiews focus primarily on feature set.  Now, this is
basically a function of the chipset.  I haven't been able to find any
retrospective reviews about how long a given board from the past has

Most reviews are for Asus but have heard comments about decreasing
reliability after a couple of years.

Tyan has great reliability and would be my first choice but their AM2
uses the nVidia Pro chipset which nVidia says doesn't have mainstream
kernel drivers, they provide binary drivers for RHES and SLES.

MSI also has a well featured board but I don't know anything about them
and haven't been able to find out about their reputation long-term.

What has experience of MSI shown?



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