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Re: MSI K9N Diamond main board?

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 04:26:30PM -0400, dtutty@porchlight.ca wrote:

> I'm going to be buying a new main board and have a short list
> all based on the nVidia nForce 590 SLI chipset.  At this point,

> I'll be going with the Athlon AM2 (model depends on price when I get
> it).

> Most reviews are for Asus but have heard comments about decreasing
> reliability after a couple of years.

I've heard the same comments.

> Tyan has great reliability and would be my first choice but their AM2
> uses the nVidia Pro chipset which nVidia says doesn't have mainstream
> kernel drivers, they provide binary drivers for RHES and SLES.

I'm not sure what's up with that comment.  I've got a board with that
chipset (Tyan K8WE) and it works fantastically.  Like a rock.  My
previous system that I built was a Tyan something dual Athlon, built in
July 2002, still running strong.  I'm pretty sold on them at this point.

The following functions work excellently for me:

	forcedeth driver for gigabit ports -- IP NAT between them
	USB2.0 ports -- both back panel and headers; 
	SATA -- dual 200GB drives running raid1 for everything
	PATA -- DVD burner
	4 x 512MB dual channel DDR ECC
	dual PCIe -- no SLI, it's just craptastic anyway
	nvidia I2C module -- sensors works quite well with stock Debian packages
	serial port

What support is not included here that you would want?

I don't recall anyone mentioning any problems with this board, apart
from Sarge installation problems because of the need for recent 2.6.12+



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