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mplayer and flash movies are too fast

Hello all,

I've got a rarity with Flash and mplayer. With flash, if I play movies from 
e.g. YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui5v3APjmp8&eurl= - example) the 
movie is at very high speed - not normal levels.

I'm using a 32bit chroot with opera/firefox and flash.

The second rarity is that with mplayer, certain videos play too fast. Same 
kind of effect, very high pitched voices and very quick video. I've got this 
effect mostly with .wmv files played also from the 32-bit mplayer in the 

Since I don't have any wmv's that are natively playable on 64bit, I can't tell 
if it's a problem there or not.

I'm running Debian Sid, both for amd64 as the 32-bit chroot.

Anyone have a clue what might be going wrong? It's highly annoying...


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                -- palíndromo

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