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Re: usermin/webmin in testing or sid

Am Sonntag, 17. September 2006 00:03 schrieb Anders Ellenshøj Andersen:
> Lørdag 16 september 2006 23:33 skrev Hans-J. Ullrich:
> > Dear maintainers,
> >
> > some time ago, you told me according to my question, that usermin and
> > webmin are no longer in the repository due to the bad code and some
> > security holes.
> >
> > How will you handle it in the future ? The development on these
> > application still goes on, and will there be a chance, to get it back
> > into the repository ? Do you look on it from time to time ? How are those
> > packages handled ? Gone forever ???
> Nobody seems to want to maintain them. I guess that's the real showstopper

Hi Anders !

Well, that is a pity, as IMO the idea of webmin/usermin is quite well.
It is a better thing, than "yast" in SuSE or linuxconf in RedHat, as it is 

I looked for it, and I wonderd about Debian/stable still has version 1.11 of 
usermin, and webmin still 1.180, while the officialversions are 1.23 for 
usermin and 1.29 for webmin. So, the Debian packages seem to me quite old.

O.k., I can download them directly from the homepage, and so this is no 
problem for me ! Anyway, it would be nice, if these packages would be watched 
and could be in the repostory again, as I wrote above, the way of 
administrating using the way webmin does, is really a good thing. 

Maybe someone with better knowledge than me will adept the packages, this 
would be really nice !

> I had a discussion on slashdot with one of the maintainers of virtualmin a
> while back, and they seem to be working on debian compliance and are
> seeking testers and bugreports.

Well, I like to test it and think, other people would like to do it, too.

> But shooting from the hip I'd say it still needs some work.

Every linux application will always need work. There is never an application, 
which will ever be finished.

> Anders

best regards


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