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Re: usermin/webmin in testing or sid

Lørdag 16 september 2006 23:33 skrev Hans-J. Ullrich:
> Dear maintainers,
> some time ago, you told me according to my question, that usermin and
> webmin are no longer in the repository due to the bad code and some
> security holes.
> How will you handle it in the future ? The development on these application
> still goes on, and will there be a chance, to get it back into the
> repository ? Do you look on it from time to time ? How are those packages
> handled ? Gone forever ???

Nobody seems to want to maintain them. I guess that's the real showstopper 

I had a discussion on slashdot with one of the maintainers of virtualmin a 
while back, and they seem to be working on debian compliance and are seeking 
testers and bugreports.

But shooting from the hip I'd say it still needs some work.


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