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Some very experimental packages

   I have been making some packages because of need and curiousity and I am 
keeping them on my private server:
deb http://mve035.mc2.chalmers.se/~gudjon/debian/amd64/ ./
The following packages can be found

kdenlive	(The mlt library needs to be compiled with the --disable-motion_est 			
option so some functionality is lost but everything else seems to work). I 
will suggest to Marillat that he adds the amd64 to the list of supported 
platform. (Unless you prove me wrong:)

gnuplot 4.1	(There is much to much new useful function to wait for that 

wxmaxima 	(This package is recompiled and it can even factorise 10!. Refer to 
older mails on the list) You need to install maxima and wxmaxima to try it 

openoffice.org 2.0.4 (More for fun but please use it and report bugs where 
they shall go to)

ngspice and easyspice (These have been quite useful to me)

If you find it interesting, please remember that you are using it at your own 
risk. I will spend more time on it during Christmas. (Now I need to do some 
real work).


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