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Re: Problem with Alsa

Actually, I purge udev (remove all rule files in /etc/udev/) and then
reinstall it.

At reboot, the sound card works. Remain the problem of automount. If I
plug a usbkey at boot time, it is mounted. But if I plug it after, it is
not mounted. Nevertheless, I can mount it by hand.

I'll check that.


Sylvain Archenault wrote:
> Hi johann,
> Do you also have problems with usb device ? My usb keys, ipod doesn't
> mount automatically anymore. Actually the /dev/sdc devices are not created.
> I suspect a problem with udev, I'm looking into it.
> Regards.
> Bibiche wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have some problems with alsa too.
>> In fact, it's with the /dev devices like dsp, mixer, ... that I have a problem.
>> At each restart these devices disappear. So at each time, I need to perform :
>> 	dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base 
>> 	alsactl restore
>> I am not sure that the problem arises from alsa package...
>> Thanks, Regards.
>> 	Johann Heymes.
>> On Sat, 16 Sep 2006 10:55:27 +0200
>> Sylvain Archenault <sylvain.archenault@laposte.net> wrote:
>>>> Since some days, I've got problems with my sound card. The snd-* modules
>>>> are not load at boot time.
>>>> To fix it, I try to run alsaconf, but it still doesn't work. The modules
>>>> are loaded after the call, but after reboot.
>>>> In /etc/modprobe.d, I've got a sound file :
>>>> alias snd-card-0 snd-intel8x0
>>>> options snd-intel8x0 index=0
>>>> If I load snd-intel8x0 (by hand, or by adding to /etc/modules), it still
>>>> doesn't work. I need to also run "dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base". What does
>>>> the configure scripts of alsa-base do ?

Sylvain Archenault

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