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Re: free vs non-free or commercial

On Thursday 14 September 2006 21:43, Gnu-Raiz wrote:
> On Thursday 14 September 2006 12:56, Paul Brook wrote:
> > > I had missed this suggestion. I agree to the extent that it is
> > > possible to agree. I mean that during my career of organic
> > > chemist I found extremely useful to have a free-form database,
> > > which can be used as a notebook, while the powerful boolean
> > > search engine allows me to retrieve quickly any piece of
> > > information that was loosely stored in.
> >
> > You mean like a direcory full of text files, combined with vi and
> > grep?
> >
> > Paul
> But But But where is the GUI! Does it have a wizard! I do think you
> bring up a valid point, lots of times a tool is available but due
> to inexperience, or lack of understanding we don't know how to use
> it to it's ability.  Another example would be find, and the use of
> regular expression's I know sure could learn more about those
> topics.
> Gnu_Raiz

A grateful word of thanks. However, following your thought, I am destined to 
stay at wine forever.


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