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Re: free vs non-free or commercial

On Thursday 14 September 2006 12:56, Paul Brook wrote:
> > I had missed this suggestion. I agree to the extent that it is
> > possible to agree. I mean that during my career of organic
> > chemist I found extremely useful to have a free-form database,
> > which can be used as a notebook, while the powerful boolean
> > search engine allows me to retrieve quickly any piece of
> > information that was loosely stored in.
> You mean like a direcory full of text files, combined with vi and
> grep?
> Paul
But But But where is the GUI! Does it have a wizard! I do think you 
bring up a valid point, lots of times a tool is available but due 
to inexperience, or lack of understanding we don't know how to use 
it to it's ability.  Another example would be find, and the use of 
regular expression's I know sure could learn more about those 


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