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Re: Packagehandling

Am Dienstag, 12. September 2006 09:52 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:
> hans-u@t-online.de (Hans-J. Ullrich) writes:
> > Dear maintainers and users,
> >
> > there is a little thing I think should be discussed.
> >
> > Whenever essentiell packages (especially the kernel) is released with a
> > new version, there is no possibilty fall back to the old one, if things
> > crash.
> >
> > For example, some time ago there was a ne kernel, but no new
> > header-files. The package was not released. So there was no possibility,
> > to build
> > kernel-modules. Falling back to the old version was not possible, too, as
> > the kernel was no more in the repository.
> Kernel versions always get a new package name as do revisions with abi
> changes. For those the old one remains on your system. Only revisions
> that do not change the ABI replace the old kernel.
> As for there being no header files that must have been a bug. But you
> wouldn't have to rebuild any modules. If the name remained the same
> then the abi did too and the old modules still work.

Dear Goswin, 

yes , you are right, the old header-files were not going to remove by 
aptitude. In fact, I was looking for a way, to reinstall an old version of 
the kernel and the header-files. I did not know about debian.snapshot.net 
since some days ago, but now I do , and it will help me.  

> > Now there is the problem again: I have got the new kernel-version
> > 2.6.17-2-amd64, which breaks my wireless. (module "bcm43xx", see bugs).
> >
> > I cannot fall back, as the old kernel (version 2.6.17-1-amd64-k8) is no
> > more in the repository.
> Why did you remove the old kernel on update? Didn't watch what
> apitude was doing? That is your fault.

Yes, it was. After I removed everything old, I discovered the error. Meanwhile 
I found out, it was not the kernl-module , but the package "udev" (which was 
corrected one day later by the maintainers. Thank you for this !)

> > So, please let the old versions for some time in the repository, to give
> > the people the possibilty, to fall back at problems. In my case ist is
> > only wireless, but worse case could be i.e. network card or something
> > else.
> The old package remains in the archive for 3 days if you go and look
> into pool manualy. Then there is testing and also
> snapshot.debian.net. Is that not enough?

That is enough ! Although I think, 3 days is a little bit short, maybe 7 days 
might be better (don't blame me for my opinion. :-)   )

> > I see there no problems, to get two kernels installed.
> And most people have.

Yes, in the future me too.

> > Best regards !
> >
> > Hans
> MfG
>         Goswin

Best regards, and thank you for answering this mail !


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