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Dear maintainers and users, 

there is a little thing I think should be discussed. 

Whenever essentiell packages (especially the kernel) is released with a new 
version, there is no possibilty fall back to the old one, if things crash.

For example, some time ago there was a ne kernel, but no new header-files. The 
package was not released. So there was no possibility, to build 
kernel-modules. Falling back to the old version was not possible, too, as the 
kernel was no more in the repository.

Now there is the problem again: I have got the new kernel-version 
2.6.17-2-amd64, which breaks my wireless. (module "bcm43xx", see bugs).

I cannot fall back, as the old kernel (version 2.6.17-1-amd64-k8) is no more 
in the repository. 

So, please let the old versions for some time in the repository, to give the 
people the possibilty, to fall back at problems. In my case ist is only 
wireless, but worse case could be i.e. network card or something else.

I see there no problems, to get two kernels installed. 

Best regards !


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