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Successful install - MSI K9N Neo

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to everyone who contributes to the AMD64 port. I put together a computer with an MSI K9N Neo m-b and an Athlon X2 3800.

I used the D-I Beta 3 net-install iso to install the testing distribution. Just about everything went smoothly. If there is any feedback I can provide for the AMD64 port or for the installer, please let me know where to send (and how to provide it...I'm still cutting my Linux teeth).

For completeness, my two problems were sound with alsa and usb printing with cups. I could only get muted sound out of non-powered speakers. I don't think the audio chip is full supported in the alsa drivers shipped with the 2.6.16 or 2.6.17 kernel. I think it has been fixed in cvs or svn or whatever. Powered speakers work just fine so I will worry about that another day.

Also, I could not get usb printing to work with cups and an hp3900. I think it is a known cups bug but I am not sure. Parallel port printing work fine so again I will worry about that another day.

I am still getting everything up and running, but wanted to say Thank you for all the hard work.


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