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mixing Fortran (77) and C code with gcc-gfortran 4.1 on amd64?

	Hello, this is probably offtopic, so feel free to answer off the
list, if you prefer. Some time ago, I wrote a piece of software which mixed
C and Fortran 77. This was relatively clean and somewhat portable, since I
included f2c.h to get the type definitions to coincide between C and F77 in
function calls. Now I would like to use gfortran and gcc 4.1, but it looks
like gfortran uses a different ABI to interface with subroutines. Is there a
(somewhat) clean and portable way to call C functions from F77 and vice
versa, using gfortran and gcc 4.1? I would be happy to Read The Fine Manual
on this topic, but it seems this section (which was present in the info
documentation of good ol' gcc/g77 3.4) apparently is nowhere to be found in
the documentation to gcc/gfortran 4.1... (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Any clue? Thanks


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