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Re: Spurious problems booting with last grub from a SATA disk


Le 03.09.2006 22:36:26, César Fernández Rodríguez a écrit :
Hi everybody,

recently i've installed an amd64 box with debian, i've used the latest
installer (one week ago) and i've experimented booting problems when i
connect new hardware in my PC. The system disk is a SATA disk which
udev detects as sdc, with all its partitions sdc1, 5, 6, etc. and
sda/sdb is a software array of two SATA disks.

I think that the solution will be fix detection of SATA disk from
udev, i've tried it but grub doesn't recognize the rules i've added to

Anyone can help me about udev+grub or give me another idea?

Probably grub has nothing to do with udev.
At the time grub is bootstraping the system, udev is not active.

It is not clear what you want to do and xwhat is your problem.

- What is exactly the problem?
- Do you want to boot from the raid array?
- Do you have an initrd?
- What is the grub bloxk for your bott device in /boot/grub/menu.lst?
- What are the messages when the system fails to boot?



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