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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

Firefox + Flash (Flash is 32-bit only)

There are open alternatives that work 64 bit native (let's be honest,
flash 7 is broken anyway what is the big deal if certain sites crash
the player or won't play at all?)


Understandable here, everyone needs an office suite but there is a 64
bit native version that may have a few bugs to work through, consider
that version.


Is a worthless pile of trash that has not changed enough in the past 1
1/2 years of my subscription to justify $5 a month, use WineHQ. It is
free and works just as well if not better, so what if you have to
download a fixed .exe to get around the copy protect?  Do not buy into
the false advertising that The Elder Scrolls 4 will run when it
requires a third party patch to even start, not to mention a host of
other issues that Transgaming has brought to the table.


see above.

That leaves you with two reasons to have a 32bit chroot, hardly a
headache but it is after all your choice.  Myself I have been using a
32bit chroot mainly for the video codices and wine since before the
release of Sarge and have not had a single problem that wasn't my
fault not to mention having the best of both worlds, which is what the
AMD64 architecture was designed to provide.

On 8/31/06, Jack Malmostoso <jackmalmostoso@freesurf.ch> wrote:
On Thu, 31 Aug 2006 21:20:09 +0200, Andrew Robinson wrote:

> Just looking for some constructive feedback on other's opinions.

The answer is really easy: if you feel it's a pain then switch back to the
I am perfectly happy with my 64bit setup, but the only thing I need 32bit
are OO.o and Opera, which is more than bearable.

Not sure about the performance increase anyway, so maybe you are really
better off with the 32bit Debian. Obviously IMHO :)

Best Regards, Jack
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