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Re: [POLL] To continue 64 or not?

if the majority of your applications are running 32bit chroot anyway,
then most likely 32bit would be the way to go

i have been running 64bit workstation for over a year now and the
only application i use 'heavily' in 32bit is cedega (and occasionally
but not often wine).

dont be ashamed to use the most reasonable solution to your various
needs and problems. computers are supposed to tailor to suit our needs
not the other way around - hence linux, and its Free/free friends.


On Fri, September 1, 2006 5:11 am, Andrew Robinson wrote:
> Looking for some constructive feedback on other people's experiences
> with amd64 as a workstation. I have been only using it a few weeks,
> and the setup is a pain due to the amount of 32 bit only programs. I
> am having some issues with:
> Eclipse + ExadelStudio plugin (plugin is 32-bit only)
> Firefox + Flash (Flash is 32-bit only)
> OpenOffice
> Cedega
> Wine
> Unfortunately, this makes up a decent percentage of what I run daily
> (especially eclipse). I am the type to sacrifice pain for new
> functionality, but this one has got me thinking, is it worth it?
> As a server I would think it would be great but as a workstation it
> seems to be a pain. The chroot jail works, but having to maintain the
> apt libraries (I am using etch, so they change fairly often), it more
> of a pain.
> For those that have the knowledge, I know that the 64 bit architecture
> is faster due to addressing and such, but is it that noticeable? Also,
> I have read that the 32 kernel still supports the dualcore nature of
> the amd64 even though running in 32 bit mode (is this true, my source
> wasn't 100% reliable).
> Just looking for some constructive feedback on other's opinions.
> -Andrew
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