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etch netinst question about wlan


I have to do a new debian installation next days and downloaded one of 
the netinstall iso-images (beta3) from the debian website. 

My problem is, that I need a wlan-module which is not yet packaged for 
debian, the rt2570-wlan-module.

Now I thought if it's possible, to build this module on another machine 
with same kernel an gcc as on the netinst-image and to load it manually 
during the installation-process. 

I think, it's not possible to install a basic system with such an 
netinst-image and compile the module afterwards, because the 
kernel-headers are not on this disk, am I right?

Is there any way to handle this? Or do I have to get a 
complete-debian-installation image first? 

Thanks for your help,

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