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Re: Re: blank DVDs no recognized, other media OK

On 8/30/06, Jo Shields <jo.shields@comlab.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

You're mistaken. I've never had an optical drive fail entirely - I've
had DVD drives forget how to read DVDs, DVD drives forget how to read
CDs, CD Writers which forget the existence of certain brands of blank
media... And age isn't a factor.

I have only had problems with one drive before and it seemed to have
died completly.... but I am starting to think that you are right about
the drive failing.

I rebooted into Ubuntu, and then Windows. With both OS's the behaviour
was the same as with my Debian partition. I shut the machine down, and
pulled the cables out and re-seated them (just in case) but it is
still the same. So... my apologies for bothering the list with what
has been narrowed down to some kind of hardware problem. I don't have
a CD cleaner - I may buy one tomorrow and try that before buying a new
drive on the off chance that that helps. When I put a blank DVD in the
drive I can hear it reving up and the access head moving TRYING to
read it, and then giving up.

Thanks to everyone for your kind help.


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