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Re: Re: blank DVDs no recognized, other media OK

On 8/30/06, Michael Langley <nwo@hacked.org> wrote:
If you can mount and read data DVD-Rs but not video DVD then you might not have UDF support in your kernel.  Either that or your drive is toast.

I compiled the kernel about 6 months ago. It had all the necessary
modules built at that time and DVDs / CDs mounted or were burnt
without any problems. I haven't installed a new kernel since then.

I doubt the drive is toast. It is only a year old and (as mentioned)
works perfectly well for mounting CDs, burning CDs  or mounting a
burnt DVD. In my experience if an optical drive goes the whole thing
stops working.

I will restart from another partition (Ubuntu) just to make sure ....
get back to you about that soon.


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