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blank DVDs no recognized, other media OK

I have a puzzling problem I could use some help with. The computer
will not burn DVD discs, recognize blank DVDs, recognize DVD movie
discs. However, the computer does automatically recognize and
automount Audio CDs, blank CD-R discs, and data DVD-Rs.

I have tried burning with K3b and other programs but it isn't an
application-specific problem. There seems to be some system level
problem with recognizing blank DVDs (and commercial movie DVDs).

I upgraded the system recently so the problem may be a result of that,
but it could have been there for a while and I didn't notice until
now. I haven't tried to burn any discs in a couple months. But until
recently (well until a couple months ago) all of this worked OK. The
kernel, programs, permissions etc were all set up OK and nothing seems
to have changed. (growisofs, dvd+rw-tools, etc ARE installed
correctly) Note that the drive DOES work (it lights come on, it opens
and closes OK) and there is no problem automounting blank or
pre-recorded CDs. The problem seems to be JUST with blank DVDs and
commercially recorded movie DVDs. I tried several different blank DVDs
from a pack that I have used previously with no problems (ie - the
problem isn't the medium). K3b, gnome etc all just tell me "no media
found". Weird huh?

Any advice on solving this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Debian AMD64 unstable, gnome desktop

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