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Re: Large font when booting into linux when using NVIDIA card

Adam D wrote:
Daniel Foote wrote:
Ever since I have built my first x86 box (AMD64) I have not been able
to get my initial font size down from the about 1" size.  I have
included in my grub the following line

..root=/dev/hda1 ro video=nvidiafb:vmode:22 quiet splash

Using 'video=nvidiafb:vmode:22' does not make a difference with the
video.  I would love to use the TTYs more but with such large text on
the terminal it becomes very annoying.
I've just been using vga=795 on the grub command line. That jumps the
display into 1280x1024 mode, and fits as much text as possible. A bit
of googling will find you other values that you might be able to use.

See if that solves the problem for you.

Have fun...
Daniel Foote.

Thank you for the input.  I would not have figured to use vga=.  I did a google for a vga of 1600x1200 but the system hung and after a while went through the startup.  Using vga=795 works just fine and I can actually work on the ttys.

-Thanks for your input


Modes above 1280x1024 are non-standard, and vary from graphics card to graphics card. The package "hwinfo" can work out your valid modes, from "hwinfo --framebuffer" - I seem to recall it gives output in Hex though, so you will need to convert to Decimal for putting in your menu.lst

No output at all suggests an uncooperative graphics card (in which case you should stick with 795 as a maximum)

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