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Re: Large font when booting into linux when using NVIDIA card

Ever since I have built my first x86 box (AMD64) I have not been able to get my initial font size down from the about 1" size.  I have included in my grub the following line

..root=/dev/hda1 ro video=nvidiafb:vmode:22 quiet splash

Using 'video=nvidiafb:vmode:22' does not make a difference with the video.  I would love to use the TTYs more but with such large text on the terminal it becomes very annoying.

I've just been using vga=795 on the grub command line. That jumps the
display into 1280x1024 mode, and fits as much text as possible. A bit
of googling will find you other values that you might be able to use.

See if that solves the problem for you.

Have fun...
Daniel Foote.

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