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[OT?] Problems with Nvidia (binary) and xine

Hello everybody.
I have a problem with the control panel (brightness, contrast,
saturation hue) in xine and can't find any usefull info around.
The control panel window has no cursors in the potentiometers, so the
control panel is unusable.

I'm running unstable in amd64 hardware with the latest nvidia binary
drivers from nvidia in one box, the one with this problem. The same
problem in xine with the xv driver.

In another box, 32 bit one, I'm running unstable also, and with the same
nvidia driver and kernel version, but in this one the control panel
works nice either with nvidia driver or xv driver.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot for reading this.

Fernando M. Maresca
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Cel: 221 15 545 8196
Tel: 221 489 0466

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