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Re: [OT?] Problems with Nvidia (binary) and xine

Fernando M. Maresca wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I have a problem with the control panel (brightness, contrast,
> saturation hue) in xine and can't find any usefull info around.
> The control panel window has no cursors in the potentiometers, so the
> control panel is unusable.
> I'm running unstable in amd64 hardware with the latest nvidia binary
> drivers from nvidia in one box, the one with this problem. The same
> problem in xine with the xv driver.
> In another box, 32 bit one, I'm running unstable also, and with the same
> nvidia driver and kernel version, but in this one the control panel
> works nice either with nvidia driver or xv driver.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks a lot for reading this.

I've just installed xine-ui from testing to test it and I've found the same
problem. I'm using the amd64 dist.

So, please, file a bug report.

Best Regards,

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