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Re: Question : grub commands

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Hi Hans,

On 08/15/2006 02:38 PM, Hans wrote:
> It seems, that in last kernel 2.6.17 this problem is solved. I read the 
> documentation of the kernel, and (as you wrote), these timers just misbehave 
> if you have a chipset of ATI. This is the case on my notebook: ATI chipset !

Hey, since you're new to the solution of the double timing, probably you
don't even know anything about the more problematic ACPI bug with the
ATI Xpress 200M chipset.
If you want to preserve your Turion64, pay a visit to:


> Well, without this kernel-command it is running fine with the newest kernel. 
> So there are no problems any more. I additionally did hope, that this could 
> be the reason, why my 3D-accelertion with the "fglrx"-river is still slow. 
> All 3D-functions are o.k., I get the box with the rotating wheels when 
> starting "fgl_glxgears", but they are rather slow. About 50 FPS, that is 
> speed as mesa-glx shows ! Should be 600 FPS, that would be o.k. "fglrxinfo" 
> shows the correct driver-version, and "glxinfo |grep direct" shows  "direct 
> rendering: Yes"
> So verything seems t be o.k. with the software, and my idea was, something 
> else, but not the driver is braking my system.
> You can believe me: I checked really everything, and do not know, where to 
> look now. 
> Additonally I tested every xorg.conf I found in the web and checked a whole 
> bunch of settings. Sadly no success ! ATI really sux ! (This notebook I got 
> as new of a guarantee as exchanged, I had Nvidia-card on the other noteook).
> And I have never heard of someone who got 3d-acceleration really fast running 
> with a pure 64-bit-system with ATI......

Here fglrx 8.27.10 is working fine... about 480 fps, not 600 but that's
not bad.
Your situation sounds strange.

> Thats a little bit information about the background, maybe other people this 
> could help, too
> Thanks for all your help !
> best regards
> Hans



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