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Re: Question : grub commands

Am Montag, 14. August 2006 22:22 schrieb Lennart Sorensen:
> On Mon, Aug 14, 2006 at 02:40:58PM -0500, Mike Reinehr wrote:
> > ntp-simple couldn't be easier to install & use and will keep your system
> > time synchronized with the national time servers. I also would recommend
> > ntpdate if you shut your system down frequently. Ntpdate will set the
> > time on boot, while ntp-simple will keep it synchronized.
> There have been kernel/chipset combinations where the system clock ran
> double speed.  This is outside the scope of what ntp will tolerate.  ntp
> won't run on such a system.  The system has to be reasonably accurate
> before ntp will work with it.
> --
> Len Sorensen

Hi Len !

Sorry, I maybe did not ask correctly. It is not the problem, that the time is 
not shown correctly. The background is, that other timings are running in 
double speed, too (i.e. keyboard clock and some other). This is a known 
problem on AMD mobile processors and was discussed in earlier days. The 
solution of it, was to add "disable_timer_pin_1" in the boot vcommand on grub 
or lilo. Now I read about adding "noapictimer" should solve this, too. My 
question aimed to an technical answer, if the commands "disable_timer_pin_1" 
and "noapictimer" are doing the same, or if they both solve the mentioned 
problem in different ways.

My hope was, someone knows, as I find there no answer in the web.

Best regards


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