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Re: Question : grub commands

Hi Hans!

On 08/15/2006 06:27 AM, Hans wrote:
Sorry, I maybe did not ask correctly. It is not the problem, that the time is not shown correctly. The background is, that other timings are running in double speed, too (i.e. keyboard clock and some other). This is a known problem on AMD mobile processors and was discussed in earlier days. The solution of it, was to add "disable_timer_pin_1" in the boot vcommand on grub or lilo. Now I read about adding "noapictimer" should solve this, too. My question aimed to an technical answer, if the commands "disable_timer_pin_1" and "noapictimer" are doing the same, or if they both solve the mentioned problem in different ways.

My hope was, someone knows, as I find there no answer in the web.

Best regards


First of all, which kernel version are you using??
I had (as many others) the same problem with my HP laptop based on the ATI Xpress200M chipset. So, at the time of 2.6.15, I had to add "disable_timer_pin_1" to the grub parameters not to have a double timing of almost everything (but you already knew that). Now, starting with ker 2.6.16, the bug about wrong timing has been corrected directly in the kernel, so using this kernel version or above you won't need the explicit definition of that param anymore.
Hope it could help.



Matteo Vescovi
System Administrator
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