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Re: Question : grub commands

Op di, 15-08-2006 te 06:27 +0200, schreef Hans:
> My 
> question aimed to an technical answer, if the commands "disable_timer_pin_1" 
> and "noapictimer" are doing the same, or if they both solve the mentioned 
> problem in different ways.

/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.17/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt says:
        disable_timer_pin_1 [i386,x86-64]
                        Disable PIN 1 of APIC timer
                        Can be useful to work around chipset bugs.

/usr/src/linux-source-2.6.17/Documentation/x86-64/boot-options.txt says:
   noapictimer   Don't set up the APIC timer

Based on that, I'd say that 'noapictimer' just doesn't use that timer,
while disable_timer_pin_1 provides a workaround for the problem. I guess
I'd use the latter if it works.


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