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Re: ext3 vs reiserfs 3.6

Michal Palka wrote:
But you still have to enable barrier code AFAIK.
No, you should not have to if you have a real write-through drive. It will however, generally improve performance for such drives to enable the barriers, if supported.

If you have write-back, then you need the barriers, yes. But you don't have to have them for write-through drives, as they never cache written data without putting it on the platters first. That was the real thrust of my reply.

If your drive supports it, which isn't many drives.
Can you give some references? I would like to determine if my drives lie
about flushes.
Well, I misspoke. Most IDE hardware doesn't support tagged flushes, which are faster.

You still need a drive that doesn't lie about putting out the cache, and that supports it. Older drives do not. ATA-6 drives are supposed to, but we know how that goes:

Anyway, here's a reference to a thread describing some Maxtors that don't support it properly due to implementation issues.

Thanks, Adam

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