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Re: ext3 vs reiserfs 3.6

Michal Palka wrote:

One thing that many people seem to be missing is the fact that their
drives might have write-cache enabled. In that case, even journalling
filesystems can be damaged by non-clean unmount if they don't handle the
caching issues.
Nope, not quite right.  They're only damaged by drives that either:
* Lie about their cache (i.e., say write-through while being write-back)
* Lie about cache-flushes.

That's most (but not all) IDE drives and SATA drives.  Most SCSI drives do
not participate in this behavior.

If you use reiserfs or ext3 then you can keep write-cache enabled, since
those filesystems support that setup via mount options. Use
barrier=flush for reiserfs and barrier=1 for ext3.
If your drive supports it, which isn't many drives.


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