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Re: Gnome problems

On Thu, 27 Jul 2006 15:45:09 -0600
edwardsa <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> wrote:

> Gnome has been giving me mysterious problems. I am running a testing 
> amd64 installation (gnome 2.14). My install was very problematic. The 
> package that checks signatures debsig-verify wouldn't allow many 
> packages to install. When I removed it, the installation continued,
> but had many holes that I had to fix manually. When gnome came up,
> the top tool bar was sparsely populated. It did not have a main
> applications menu. I have since installed one, along with many other
> gnome packages. After this installation exercise, I rebooted and
> gnome would not come up. The top and bottom toolbars would blink
> maybe 10-15 times and then die. cntrl-alt-backspace would simply kill
> the graphics screen, leading to removing and restarting gdm. When I
> ran gnome in safemode, I recieved many OAF (object activation
> framework) errors about the applets in my tool bar. When I installed
> the liboaf-dev, I no longer received errors in the safemode and gnome
> came up normally. However, when I tried to install the system monitor
> applet, I received oaf errors again. Is there a known problem with
> the system monitor applet?
> I should also point out that I installed many of the theme packages,
> and that these have not shown up in the theme chooser. It seems that
> I have an infirmed gnome installation.
> Art Edwards

I would try the following:

1. Exit GNOME
2. Run 'apt-get install gnome-core' to ensure that all the essential
   GNOME packages and their dependencies are in place.
3. Delete the ~/.gnome*, ~/.gconf*, ~/.metacity, and ~/.nautilus
   directories. (This step will cause you to lose any customisation.)
4. Start GNOME again

Any better?



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