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I'm investigating whether or not nspluginwrapper is suitable for packaging.

nspluginwrapper lets you use i386 plugins on non-i386 machines. Because of
the fact that it requires an i386-runtime plugin to be built, it's pretty
much unsuitable for any architecture other than x86_64 (and possibly ia64,
since I gather it has an i386 multiarch, unsure whether it has gcc -m32).

When building, the plugin side is built with gcc, and the runtime side is
built with gcc -m32. Installing ia32-libs, libc6-dev-i386 gets most of the
dependancies, and writing linker scripts helps link to the X libraries in
/emul/ia32-linux, but the big missing piece of the puzzle is libgtk2.0,
specifically a i386 library for it to link against.

Is it likely that we'll see a lib32gtk2.0-0 package in the forthcoming
future? Google hints that one may have existed in the past.

rob andrews                       :: pgp 0x01e00563 :: rob@choralone.org

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